Hacienda Pinsaqui


Hacienda Pinsaqui history stretches back over three centuries. The colonial hacienda was constructed in 1790 and following a disastrous earthquake that shook the region in 1867, it was carefully reconstructed to preserve the original architecture. In the late 1800s, the unique creations of the textile workers became internationally renowned, when the "Bayetas", a special fabric typical of Pinsaqui, arrived at the World's Fair in Chicago.

General Bolívar used to stay in the hacienda during his journeys between Ecuador and Colombia for his military and political campaigns. At the hacienda he found a special peace and tranquility, and, although not proven, he may also have met his beautiful Quiteña Lover Manuela Sáenz here for furtive fumblings.

Bolívar's dream, the 'Gran Colombia' crumbled because of the political turmoil in South America between the countries. During the presidency of Gabriel García Moreno, these conflicts grew worse. Unfortunately, the Ecuadorians backed the wrong horse in an internal power struggle between Colombian liberals and conservatives. The vanquishing conservatives then decided to extract revenge from their neighbours. The result was the Treaty of Pinsaqui, signed in the hacienda on December 30th 1863, a forgotten chapter in Ecuadorian history. The last eight generations of the Freile-Larrea family have maintained ownership of this historic hacienda.

One approaches the main house through impressive white stone gates, the front garden rolling gracefully down to a fountain at the hacienda's house main entrance. As you enter the reception area you will see an antique French chandelier and an epoch French writing desk. It was brought back by the free-wheeling and free-spending Freile of the early 20th century, who was rumored to have been a lover of Frida Kahlo while ambassador to Mexico. His experiences abroad influenced the decoration of the house. Throughout the hacienda, you'll find yet more impressive chandeliers, acres of fine wood floors, framed newspaper clippings from the early 1800s and the wonderful aromas of fresh flowers.
Passing the family chapel, you will find the hacienda´s old storage rooms where the produce of the hacienda's vast lands used to be stored. They've now been converted into a magnificent dining and living room with larger-than-life fireplaces and high ceilings.

Tradition is a part of the daily life in Hacienda Pinsaquí. Daily, local musicians from the region arrive to entertain our guests with their traditional music and culture.

In the evening guests are invited to the bar for a welcome traditional drink. While there, the hacienda manager proceeds to recount the hacienda´s history.

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